Advantages of AI Capital Lending

With decades of experience, AI Capital Lending leverages our knowledge and financial balance sheet to commit to transactions outside of a traditional lenders box. We bypass the constraint of a conventional credit committee which allows for more flexibility and efficiency in decision making.

Why Choose Us


As a balance sheet lender, we are innovative and flexible, which allows us to create loans that meet the specific business needs of the borrower.


AI Capital Lending is faster and more efficient than other bridge lenders in the industry because of our streamlined funding process and same-day term sheets.


When we commit, we close! Our experienced and trustworthy team makes qualified decisions without running the risk of being re-traded.

Who We Are

The recent dislocation in the CRE lending space enables us to fill a void in the small-balance direct lending arena. With an institutional and entrepreneurial background, coupled with discretionary capital, we firmly believe this is the time to leap with our small balance direct lending arm. We appreciate all our clients, now friends, who have supported this move. We look forward to the future of direct lending. Bridging capital into relationships.

Meet Our Team

Anthony Iervolino

Managing Partner
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David Bartz

Managing Partner
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Ginette Marino

Senior Originations Assistant
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City Street


New York, New Jersy, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida.

Rates are starting at 9.99% and depend on multiple factors including property type and location.

5-14 days

$100,000 to $3,000,000

2-4 unit, multifamily, mixed-use, retail, industrial, specialty-use and SFR